Pietra dura is the fastest growing organization in India and our elegant designs have won the faith and trust of the esteemed customers across the globe. We have made our presence felt as a leading company on pan India basis. Having a track record in design experience that spans 28 years, pietra dura creates immersive audience engagements which harness the power of technology– extending extraordinary experiences to thousands of people around the world.

Pietra dura understands and addresses the commercial importance of our clients. We use an integrated marketing data-driven approach to optimise return on investment by synergistically blending technological creativity with face-to-face real-life experiences, ultimately transforming brand experiences into a long-lasting outcome.

Our strength is inspired by the diversity of our some 100 professionals working in major cities and from the depth of our understanding of different cultures and industry rules. Backed by about 2.5 acres of production facilities, we are a local leader empowered with the capability to achieve our clients’ missions across multiple activation platforms– from exhibitions and events, retail, themed environments and visual identity.