Design & Technical Requirements

Since the opening up the Indian economy there has been special thrust of industrial growth in India. Exhibitions offer golden opportunities for the players to get exposure to the new technology. We have master the art of stall execution in India. Exhibition stand needs to be designed and executed in such a fashion that it could accommodate the product in most efficient manner. A business of stall execution in India is still in its initial stage and is to go a long way.

  • What site have you selected for your exhibition stand, is it an island, open on one, two or three sides?
  • Have you checked the proposed flow of visitors’ traffic?
  • What is the best orientation of the stand? Sometimes it might be better to be facing a large visitor attraction rather than the entrance.
  • Do you wish your stand to be open and inviting or does it have to promote a more targeted approach with a private meeting room etc?
  • Do you require a kitchen area?
  • What services do you require (power, water and waste, telephone, internet etc)?
  • Will you have a platform floor? (floors may require a ramp for disabled access and at certain venues a rounded corner) floor platforms range from 38mm to 100mm.
  • Do you wish to reuse the exhibition stand or elements of it?
  • How many graphics and what form would they take? (posters, light boxes etc)
  • How much storage space do you require?
  • Do you require display cabinets?
  • Do you require AV (Pc’s, plasmas etc)?
  • Do you require a reception counter(s)?
  • How many literature racks, carrier bag hooks etc?
  • Does you product require specialist lifting or handling etc? If it is very large it may need to be sited prior to the exhibition stand build.
  • >What is the maximum height allowed and do you wish to utilise this? Usually 4m before you need to have structural calculations.
  • Is it possible to suspend banners or ceilings at the venue?
  • Do you understand the health & safety requirements – if not we can help!