The New Exhibition Stand

Exhibition stall design and execution is the most versatile art and there is a great depth of art and skill. We are specialized in offering tailor-made services in exhibition and setups.

You must now examine what you need from the new exhibition stand. A good starting point would be to consider the following:

  • Outline the aims of the exhibition stand (to increase traffic, increase product awareness, generate more sales, brand awareness, a new product or service)
  • Who is the target audience? What are their demographics (i.e. Children, adults, social class, income levels, location etc)
  • Is the new stand part of a re-brand, a new product launch or part of an ongoing strategy?
  • Is there other branding/advertising taking place that the new stand should link in with?
  • What are the unique selling points for your company, your products or your services?
  • What industry are you aiming the stand at?
  • Is the market saturated with competition?
  • List a few competitors’ websites
  • Do you wish to purchase the stand outright or hire it for each show? Generally, an exhibition stand purchased outright will incur a storage charge unless used frequently.

It will also be subject to charges for refurbishment and amendments.  

  • Decide upon a budget which should include everything.