Soical Community

Everywhere we work, we are a part of the community. we and our clients operate there, and our people and their families live there, to pietra dura, that makes giving back to the community one of the most important things we can do.

We call our efforts “pietra dura care”, and they involve our staff all around the world. Pietra Dura care takes the form of everything from engaging in charity to donating time, money and effort for causes that range from improving the environment to disaster relief, bringing better health and education to communities in need. It’s all about improving lives today and tomorrow.

This improves Pietra dura too, because we find that engagement in community work is a powerful way for our people to build new skills, engage with more people, share knowledge, and most of all, actually see the impact our actions can make on our lives and the lives of others. We have enshrined these ideas in our social responsibility obligation, with its focus on ‘employee, community and environment’.  It is a blueprint for what we and our people can do to help build a better world.